Thursday, November 20, 2008

Transgender Day of Rememberance Vigil

Today is the second life 24 hour vigil in remembrance of those senselessly victimized by violence in the past year becuase they are transgendered.


Transgender Day of Remembrance at the TG Suicide Memorial, Nov 20 -24 hours event-

Purpose: To gather in remembrance of members of the transgendered community who have lost their lives to hate crimes or suicide.

*all persons in attendance are encouraged to share stories about Transgendered friends, loved ones, or members of the community who were victims of hate crimes or committed suicide.

*CandleLight Vigils will be held at 6:00 AM, noon, and 7:00PM

There are also 2 other kinds of vigil candles. One dispenser (by Gwen Collins) is part of the memorial and another (by Robin Sojourner) will be outside during the vigils.

Schedule of speakers:
6 AM Vigil
Kara Spengler (organizer)
Winnie Sweetwater (organizer)
noon Vigil
Gwen Smit (founder, Transgender Day of Remembrance)
7 PM Vigil
Trinity Dejavu (founder, Transgender Lounge) (after evening candle vigil)
Miyabina Susanti (volunteer, Transgender Lounge) (9:00 PM)
Jani Myriam (founder, Transgender Resource Center)
more speakers TBD

Organizing Comittee:
Aaron71 Coakes
Carrie Talaj
Fyphfoko Yifu
Gwen Collins
Gwen Smit
Jani Myriam
Kara Spengler
Random Demina
Winnie Sweetwater

Corporate Sponsors:
Jaded Communications (music: midnight-4PM and 9PM-midnight)
Miles Sullivan (music: 4PM-9PM)
Robin Sojourner (vigil candles)
Hydra Charron
Lore Foulsbane
Lowri Mills
Hope Mcalpine
Desiree Carbenell

Comics panels used with permission of the Transgender Day of Remembrance Webcomics Project
Jenn Dolari ('A Wish for Wings' & Closetspace'
Mekari Potts ('Between the Lines'
Silus Crow
Chris Hazelton ('Misfile'

Organizational Sponsors:
Transgender Suicide Memorial
Transgender Lounge
Transgender Resource Center
Sweetwater Studio

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