Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sara Flinker's Prayer

Sara Flinker offered this prayer during the vigil

[8:49] Sara Flinker: O G-d,grant us strength as we mourn the loss of Bernie and others. We will always have cherished memories of them. Bless our family with light and peace. May the memory continue to serve as a blessing and an inspiration to all who knew and loved.
[8:50] Sara Flinker: AS I light the candle I say
Zichrono liveracha. His memory is a blessing
[8:50] Sara Flinker: MOURNER'S KADDISH ( in Hebrew and English)
[8:50] Sara Flinker: Yit-gadal v'yit kadash sh' mey rabe,
B'alma di v'ra hirutey, v'yam-lib mal-hutey,
B'ha-yay-hon uv-yomey-hon uv-ha-yay d'hol beyt yisrael, Ba-agaia u-vizman kariv, v'imru amem.
[8:51] Sara Flinker: Magnified and sanctified be the great name of G-D throughout the world which He hath created according to His will. May He establish His kingdom during the days of your life and during the life of all the house of Israel, speedily yea, soon and say ye Amen.
[8:51] Sara Flinker: Y'hey sh'mey reba m'verah I'alam ul-almey alma-ya.
[8:51] Sara Flinker: May His name be blessed for ever and ever.
[8:51] Sara Flinker: Yit-barah v'yish-tabah v'yit-pa-ar v' yit-na-say,
V'yit-hadar v'yit-aleh v'yit-halal sh'mey d'kud-sha, ( B'rih hu,) I'eyla (ul-eyla) min kol bir-hata v'shi-rata, Tush-b'hata v'ne-hemata da-amiran b'amiran b'alma, v'imru amen.
[8:51] Sara Flinker: Exalted and honored be the name of the holy One, blessed be He, whose glory transcends, yea, is beyond all blessings and hymns, praises and consolations which are uttered in the world; and say yeaa, Amen
[8:52] Sara Flinker: My love I miss you so very much you are always with me and in my heart I hope we be together someday, I love you so very much. (crying) G-d think of the people at TRC and help them though any heard time they my have endure: add any personal prayers you may have.

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