Thursday, November 20, 2008

River Ely's words

River Ely spoke these words from her heart touching all who heard at the TDOR Vigil.

River Ely: I would like to say a few words, not many
[6:38] Kara Spengler: we would love to hear them
[6:39] River Ely: I am here because others gave
[6:39] River Ely: I am here because others tolerated
[6:39] Femina Matahari smiles reassuringly at her RL partner River
[6:39] River Ely: i am here because i was shown that I can live
[6:39] River Ely: i am here because i survived
[6:39] River Ely: i gave strength through my partner
[6:39] River Ely: i have love from my partner and from my friends
[6:40] River Ely: i have myself because like my partner and our friends, we continued to fight when all that was needed, was to be accepted
[6:40] River Ely: i now fight for my brothers and sisters
[6:40] River Ely: i now support those that ask for support
[6:41] River Ely: i help create rules that makes it against the law to treat us differently
[6:41] River Ely: i don’t know where it will go, but I tell myself
[6:41] River Ely: if i had tried forever years ago
[6:41] River Ely: Debbie Fox would be here talking to you now instead of me
[6:41] River Ely: we all have a debbie fox
[6:41] River Ely: we all know what it is to be who we are
[6:42] River Ely: and we all need a time and a place that is ours
[6:42] River Ely: please , in your heart, never forget the people that fight
[6:42] River Ely: the ones that support and the ones that love us
[6:42] River Ely: we need them, we need each other

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