Thursday, November 20, 2008

Miyabina Susanti, Volunteer TG Lounge

Greetings everyone. As you can tell by the nametag above my head I am Miyabina Susanti. Something that you may not know is that the name above my head... is my name in RL as well.

Second Life has been a great boon to me in my transition, if it wasn't for the interaction and information I found through here I wouldn't be as far as I am now.

A little more background info about me... I have a few issues, things like autism, factor v leiden, and marfan syndrome. But, the main reason I am even here today giving this little speech/talk to you all is that I was just discharged from a mental hospital on monday. I was very suicidal and got committed. I am a suicide survivor.

I am one of the lucky ones who was able to understand and get help.

I am here today to try and make sure that no other names get added to the suicide list.

We all get depressed from time to time. Which, I might add, that I still am depressed, I got discharged with a major depressive disorder. BUT! I have a new found appreciation for life. Little things like being able to be cold, breathing fresh air, feeling the grass on my feet, using a pencil, listening to your portable music player.

It is a fact of life that all the stressor in our life can weigh us down. But, there is a ray of hope! We can try to understand what our stress triggers are so they do not build up. Little things like being stuck in traffic can be negated by doing something we like while being stuck in traffic. Something like listening to a book on CD or singing to the radio or even a simple deep breathing exercise.

When we let the stress get to us to a bigger degree we start to feel the effects of a more severe depression. Starting to sleep more or less, gaining or losing weight. I am sure most of you know the signs. It is at this point that we become more anxious and the stress gets to us a lot more than normal.

Then the thoughts can turn to suicide. This is when we need to ask for help. This is the part that is hard for people. This is the part I was able to do and want to tell everyone to do if needed. It isn't bad to ask for help. You will get help. Money is no issue, they will usually sort something out for you.

Even if getting help is going into the ER, or even getting committed to a mental hospital. It is better to live. There is always something to live for. It may not seem like it, that is why there is help.

Living is fantastic.

You can be here in SL. You can listen to music. Just everything. Everything that we take for granted. I know I am being repetative here.

I just really really do not want to see another transgendered person, or anyone, take their own lives.

With this Day of Rememberance I want us all to remember those that have passed on before us, but I also want us all to remember how important our own lives are and to live them daily.

Thank you very much for listening to me, and I hope you all have a great day, week, and a long life. Blessed Be.

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