Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gwen Collins' thoughts

[12:22] Gwen Collins: i'd like to say a few words about transgender suicides

[12:23] Gwen Collins:

Probably the majority of the suicides are caused because people feel that there's no hope. People who would need to transition but they believe that they cannot but which is worse, commit a suicide or come out?

Society is so much more approving now than it was in the past so what we all should do, is not only educate the society as a whole, but also our fellow transgenders
about the possibilities they have. Probably many suicides would be avoided if people would know more about the options they have. Therefore it is very important that we encourage more people attend support groups and such as many of us. I've been there to, as we all know, a suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. When you hit that low you cannot see further peer support is of utmost importance so please encourage people attend real life support groups, and please attend such yourselves as well

thank you

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