Thursday, November 20, 2008

Femina Matahari remembered the loss of her friend by reciting the following poem written in memory of her friend and sister, Debbie Fox.

[7:30] Femina Matahari:

I came her last year when I discovered this Remembrance sim and asked the owners to add Debbie’s name to the list. She was a vibrant girl and a very close and personal friend more like a sister than friend. Basically the road was too hard for her in the end and she took the dark option as her only way out of the pain.It happened 5 years ago last august I still cry and I guess I always will any way here is the words our mutual friend Pamela Dunn in Florida wrote for her.

In Memory of Deborah Fox
As down the road of life we travel
Starting all alone
Others often join us, going the same way
They become our friends and companions
Sharing the pain we know
For their pain is the same
As that we feel.

We are all on a journey.
A journey to that inner self
Which is in our hearts and minds.
The road is from the male body
To the woman trapped inside us.
Deborah Fox

Our Dear Debbie, known too as Foxy
Was one that joined us on that road way
Happiness and joy she brought to
Those that might have fallen along the way,
Except for her helping hand.

Now and then, we in our turn helped her
Over the rough spots she found in her Roadway of life;
But somehow we failed and heard not a cry,
Mayhap she made none, her mind set on its path.
And she has left us standing on that roadway.
We are left alone to face the world.

Now forever there will only be
The image of her left for us to see,
The picture that will pale in comparison
To the one that really lived there.
She will live forever

In the hearts and minds of those she touched and loved
And those of us that loved her in return.
As long as we, her friends, remember her
And in our hearts keep her
She will never really die.

Oh God, our Debbie, please hold her soul and grant her entry
Into Heaven's Pearly Gates.
Here is my prayer for my friend Deborah Fox:
Pamela Jean Street Dunn,
A sad friend with tears in her eyes.

Goodbye Debbie my love,
Safe journey and may
the boat man on the river Styx,
grant you free passage for a smile
And may you find on the other side
That Valhalla for warrior maids
and sweet respite for your heart and soul.

© 28 Aug 2003
Pamela Jean Street Dunn

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